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Cellular networks cover only a small fraction of the surface of the earth. Mountains, deserts, oceans and even many seas are not covered. Here the solution can be to use satellite-based systems. Constellations of nano and micro satellites are coming. This will give the opportunity for data connections for IoT and Smart Devices worldwide. Each of these constellations uses proprietary communication protocols.

For some satellite systems, radio modules will be available for use in ground terminals, IoT and Smart Devices. In other cases, it will be necessary to develop dedicated radios and antennas.

For satellite-based systems an understanding of the link budget is more important than for the public mobile network. It is especially important to have a good understanding of the worst-case link budget when the radio and antenna is developed for both the satellite and the device on the earth.

Synergile works closely with manufacturers of nano satellites and participates in the development of radios for satellite ground stations and ground terminals. Synergile understands the limitations given by different satellite structures and know what is required to guarantee the ground terminal, the IoT or the Smart Device can reach the satellite under the required conditions. Synergile has a good understanding of the requirements and the working procedures in the satellite industry.

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