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Asset tracking is a quickly growing market. It is used for tracking parcels, goods, luggage and other assets for which there is a need to keep track of. Wireless readers based on near field communication like NFC, RFID and Bluetooth are suited to detect, when the asset passes a certain point. In this way an eye can be kept on the asset’s flow through the system. This enables optimization of warehouses and distribution centers. Tracking can secure better capacity utilization and reduce cost.

For asset tracking it is in most cases sufficient with short-range readers. Optimization of the reader for long-range operation might be unnecessary. Nevertheless, it must still be secured that the tag can be read under all conditions. Reliable operation and low cost are also important parameters. A reader with a well-designed radio and antenna is a requirement for an effective asset tracking infrastructure. This is also the case for an active tag especially when the tag must be hidden.

Synergile is experienced in solutions for asset tracking and suited radio standards like NFC, RFID and Bluetooth.

Synergile has also long time experience developing small and cost optimized radio and antenna solutions, which are suited for use in asset tracking infrastructure. Synergile can also help with development of active tags, which are protected against tampering or needs to be used in harsh environments without suffering operating range.

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