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Wireless transmission of sound has become very widespread in many contexts both in our homes and professional. Microphones, headphones and speakers for professional use has become wireless as standard as both setup and take down is significantly easier. At the same time, it is also easier to change a unit for example during a concert, if needed. Wireless equipment also increases the flexibility and eases the use for example for musicians and others, who performs on a stage.

Choice of frequency band, link budget and the design of the radio and antenna are important factors for wireless audio equipment. This is crucial for achieving the detail and precision needed for reproducing audio with high quality. Sufficient margin in the link budget must be secured with respect to the maximum allowed transmission power. It matters to optimize the RF hardware and antenna for maximum range and efficiency such that the wireless link can be maintained even in extreme cases.

Synergile has long experience developing and optimizing radios and antennas for wireless equipment with high quality.

It is for example important that the antenna is designed to work as intended in handheld microphones. The wireless connection must be sustained independent of how the user holds the microphone.

Synergile’s engineers are experienced developer of RF hardware and embedded antennas for compact equipment. Synergile has the necessary equipment for RF hardware and antenna optimization.

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