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RF circuits and antennas are used for many industrial and professional purposes including radar, jammer, heating and medico equipment. The requirements are typically completely different compared to the use of radio waves for voice and data transmission.

The functionality might depend on the radio waves being focused in a single point or along a line. The functionality might also depend on transmission with high power or in pulses with short duration, or reception with high sensitivity.

For industrial and professional purposes it can therefore be necessary to design and optimize the antenna system for the actual purpose. It can also be necessary to develop special transmitters for example for a very high output power at a high ambient temperature. In other cases, it can be necessary to develop receivers with very high sensitivity in environments with interfering signals from other systems.

The engineers at Synergile are well-founded in the discipline of designing receivers, transmitters and antennas.

Synergile specializes in development of RF hardware and antennas, but develops also the required power supplies, microprocessor, analog and digital circuits.

Synergile has experience with development of products for operation in difficult conditions with respect to temperature, acceleration, humidity and dust.

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