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IoT and Smart Devices are typically wireless as this can be the only feasible option. Besides, it is often cheaper, more reliable and more flexible compared to solutions with cables. This is the case for both device, installation and operation.

To secure that the device can be used in as many parts of the world as possible then the choice is typically to use unlicensed frequency bands and widely used standards. However, in some applications special developed protocols and licensed frequency bands could be a better choice.

It is important that the radio and the antenna are well designed. This is the best method to secure optimum range for the IoT or Smart Device. This will besides improve the possibility that the device can be used in places with noise in the chosen frequency band. Both are desired to secure the connection to existing gateways or to minimize the number of new gateways.

This will often require a special designed antenna. Especially for embedded antennas in a device with difficult conditions for the antenna.

Synergile has a long track-record making radios and antennas for compact wireless devices. This includes IoT and Smart Devices, which requires long range and has the need for special designed, embedded antennas.

The engineers at Synergile are specialists in RF hardware and antennas. We are happy to help developing the radio and antenna for your IoT or Smart Device. We secure an optimum solution for device devices based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, SigFox or another standard.

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