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Equipment has today in many cases built-in data connections to cellular networks, for example cars, vending machines (coffee, snack, sweets and more) and lifts. The connection can be used for service and maintenance, for easy or automatic ordering of consumables, for added safety and more.

The ease and low cost of adding a data connection to a product opens up for many new opportunities for improving the customer’s experience.

A radio with support for multiple cellular frequency bands and maybe multiple cellular systems might be required depending on where it needs to be operated. This causes requirements to the antenna solution, which must cover all the supported frequency bands and systems. A well-designed, cost optimized radio and antenna solution with support of all required systems and frequency bands are required in today’s competitive marked.

The engineers at Synergile have for more than 20 years worked with development of radio and antenna solutions for multi-band and multi-system products for the public cellular network inclusive GSM, UMTS and LTE.

Synergile also has experience with development and optimization of embedded multi-bands antennas for compact devices, which might be installed hidden in a product deep inside a building or machine.

Synergile is also experienced securing the necessary approvals of the radio from the authorities.

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