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We are all accustomed to use remote controls for many types of devices. A radio-based remote control is often the only practical solution unless a very short range is acceptable.

Traditionally the remote control has been one-way and based on very cheap radios. Today we see a change towards more advanced remote controls with two-way communication. In this way, it is possible to both control the device and receive status from it. This adds versatility, improves the user experience.

A well-designed radio and antenna is important, when the remote control must have the longest possible range, and when it is used at places with significant noise in the chosen frequency band. It is especially important, when it is used for purposes, where it is critical that the receiver correctly receives the commands from the remote control.

A cost optimized radio and antenna solution is crucial for securing a competitive product.

It is not trivial selecting the right radio module from the long list of possible suppliers. Synergile can help with the selection and secure the best possible integration of the radio module and the antenna in the remote control.

Synergile focuses on radio and antenna development, but do also take care of the complete electronic design, PCB layout and certification of the product. Synergile has an RF laboratory with the necessary equipment for test and verification of the radio and the antenna.

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