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Sensors of various kinds have been used for decades in factories, farms, office buildings, and many private homes. Most Sensors have traditionally been using a wired connection for transmitting data, but today many sensors are using wireless connections. A low cost radio with a suitable transmission protocol can be made just as reliable as a wired connection at a much lower cost as there is no need for installing and maintaining wired connections.

A wireless sensor can even be made with a reliability well over what can be achieved with a solution requiring a connector. Without a connector, the sensor can be fully sealed in a water and dust proof enclosure. It is also possible to make the sensor very robust. When the sensor is wireless the testing and debugging of the sensor function is often also possible without physical access to the sensor. This reduces cost for service and maintenance.

Synergile has long experience with development of radio and antenna solutions, which can optimize a sensor for a given application. It is crucial for the success on the market to perform a thorough analysis and make trade-offs between parameters like cost, range, power consumption, antenna solution, cost, and compliance to market or industrial standards before starting the design work. Synergile has the experience required to make the right decisions.

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